Kingdom Fellowship Weekend seeks to promote:

“…the theology and practice of the suffering, persecuted churches of history. This includes the early church, the Waldensians, the followers of John Wycliffe [Lollards], and the Anabaptists…

These groups have helped to carry the true faith that was once delivered to the saints… Many Christians sense deep down that there is supposed to be something more, but are unsure of what that something is. These longings can be fulfilled only by discovering God’s true intent for His people…

We must not be content with any goal less than every tribe on this world having a faithful Christian witness. Once the church properly discovers its identity, purpose, and form as the pillar and ground of the truth, the knowledge of God will spread over this world as the waters cover the seas.”

Preface, King Jesus Claims His Church, Finny Kuruvilla


Kingdom Fellowship Weekend exists to promote Biblical Christianity in an era marked with apathy and compromise. Our heart-​cry is to “continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” Our passion is to return to the historical Anabaptist focus of total surrender to King Jesus and to embrace this lifestyle within our local church communities.

tabernacle assembly at Kingdom Fellowship Weekend

We endeavor to do this by encouraging revival, fervent prayer, surrender to Jesus, and by providing a forum for Biblical teaching for those who desire to live as disciples of Christ. We want this event to be a place where kingdom-​minded Christians from various backgrounds can meet one another for edification and encouragement. We especially want to encourage those who are new to embracing the teachings of Jesus and provide fellowship for them in the journey.

We are committed to a Christian expression that is Christ-​centered, Scripture-​based, and kingdom-​focused, specifically as modeled by the Anabaptist tradition. Although Kingdom Fellowship Weekend is organized and sponsored by conservative Anabaptists, our vision is to build bridges among all true followers of Jesus. We welcome all who, as we, are praying “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


In 2004 a small group of fifteen to twenty youth came together in Union County, PA for a weekend of prayer and fellowship. Those organizing the meeting asked one guest speaker to come speak on Saturday. The rest of the time was spent together just as young people. Several of the young brothers shared on topics and the sisters prepared food. It proved to be a tremendous blessing and we decided to continue.

ladies' prayer group

Each year the group of young people has grown in size and the meetings have moved to various larger locations. A vision that continues to prevail in the organizational efforts is to invite young people whose hearts truly seek first the kingdom of God. Many of the young people from the first number of years have been married and are now raising families of their own. In light of this dynamic the organizational team has been seeking to find ways of integrating both singles and families into a weekend that will be meaningful for everyone.

The Kingdom Fellowship Weekend Team