Discernment and Preparation: What Hill Should We Die On? – Panel Discussion

Brothers Ken Miller, Barry Grant, Zack Johnson, and John D. Martin discuss what issues must be pursued with wholehearted conviction, with no regard to the cost. Panel discussion moderated by Brother Paul Shirk.

How do we prepare to suffer for the cause of Christ?

Peter tells us, “Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind…” This would indicate that we are to have the right mindset regarding suffering for our faith. How do we prepare our minds to suffer for Christ as God would choose for each one of our lives?

In this panel discussion, we consider:

  • What do the Scriptures say about discerning and preparing for persecution?
  • What can we learn from non-biblical individuals who applied Scriptural principles in their time and circumstances?
  • What are the current and imminent issues before us where we should be preparing to engage as overcomers?

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Overcoming With a Personal Testimony

The disciples and early Christians testified to God’s work in their lives, and it brought the wrath of this world upon them. This segment will focus on possible reasons why the church has become ‘the quiet in the land,’ and the cost of its silence. Have we signed a peace deal with the world so that it will love us instead of hate us? A personal testimony will be shared, and then we will examine our hearts’ response to it. The enemy has been trying to silence the church for centuries to no avail, for “we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”

Barry Grant

Overcoming With Obedience and Divine Preservation

Obedience is our life-line if this world is our crucible to holiness; however, the world has managed to twist obedience into a kill-joy. This segment will restate martyrdom as a Christian’s glory, remind us that persecution is an expected outcome of obedience to King Jesus, and recalibrate our desire to achieve spiritual power through separation.

Zack Johnson

Overcoming Deception

The Scriptures teach that deception will increase in the last days. How can the people of God avoid being swept into self-deception and the deception of the age?

Ken Miller

Overcoming With Prayer and Praise

Jesus led the way in facing persecution with both prayer and praise. This segment will focus on the dynamics of this approach, practical ways it can be implemented, and examples from the Bible and Christian experience showing how persecuted people have used prayer and praise effectively.

John D. Martin


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