Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2017

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2017 was hosted at Roxbury Holiness Camp on August 25-27, 2017.

Brochure: See 2017 PDF brochure.

Theme: “Knowing Christ”

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

John 17:3
2017 KFW theme pic


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  • Knowing Christ

    Is your local church a testimony to God’s presence? Brother Dale Heisey explains how church is not just a social fellowship; it is a corporate experience of believers that people are watching, and the way we carry out the teachings of Christ and relate together as a local assembly can and should be a powerful…

  • Encountering Christ in Prayer

    Do we truly desire to encounter Christ in prayer? Brother Brent Bear draws from the disciples’ question they asked of Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray.” This must also be the cry that goes up from each of our hearts. If we want to encounter Christ in prayer, there needs to be a daily preparation…

  • Encountering Christ in the Apostles’ Doctrine

    Is Jesus Christ everything to you? The apostles testified that Jesus was the Son of God, and the only way to the Father. The apostles’ doctrine was to sell out, deny ourselves, and to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind.

  • Scroll Publishing Ministry Presentation

    Author and speaker David Bercot shares his personal faith journey and early church history research that led to his conversion to Anabaptist Christianity. Of Scroll Publishing, their commitment is to publish books and recorded messages that combine intellectual honesty, spiritual integrity, and sound scholarship. They are not affiliated with or beholden to any denomination, church,…

  • Sattler College Ministry Presentation

    The modern higher education system is broken. Modern education is hostile to faith, too expensive, and academically weak. We need nothing short of a revolution. In this presentation, Brother Finny Kuruvilla discusses how Sattler College was founded upon the biblical vision of Christian discipleship that addresses the mind, soul, and heart. The mission of Sattler College is…

  • All-Nations Bible Translation Ministry Presentation

    You and I can choose from over 500 translations of the Bible to read from—if we know English. But many peoples of the earth have only the witness of Creation to teach them about God—and no way to know the rest of the story. In this presentation by Brother Aaron Crider, you can learn how…

  • The Enabling Power of a Restful Heart

    In this women’s topic, we discover six symptoms of a heart not at rest and six symptoms of a restful heart. Life and its circumstances can be a doorway to finding Jesus and the rest He has to offer, but the choice with what we do with them is up to us.

  • Encountering Christ in the Breaking of Bread

    We have the historic witness of the Agape, or Love Feast, and the breaking of bread in the early church. In this sermon, Brother Curt Wagoner speaks of three aspects: “the encounter of the suffering Christ,” “the encounter of the shared Communion,” and “the encounter of salvational confidence.” The Lord’s Supper unites believers on a…

  • Encountering Christ in Worship

    In modern Christianity today, worship is one of the most misunderstood words. This messages explores four main topics: worship defined, worship determined, worship demonstrated, and worship declared. In this sermon, Brother John D. Martin shares how worship acceptable to God begins with a true vision of our holy God and is centered on the Cross.…

  • Encountering Christ in the Fellowship of the Saints

    Does the gathering of saints where we assemble reflect Christ? True fellowship is dynamic, but in order to experience this fellowship in our local assemblies, we must not do anything to hinder the life and unity we have in Christ. Fellowship ministers to the physical, spiritual, and emotional burdens of the saints.