Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2018

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2018 was hosted at Roxbury Holiness Camp on August 24-26, 2018.

Brochure: See 2018 PDF brochure.

Theme: “Babylon vs. Zion”

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.”

Hebrews 12:28
2018 KFW theme pic


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  • Christians in Babylon

    Is the church captive in Babylon? In this timely message, Brother Ken Miller begins with Revelation 18 to remind the Church of the call to come out of Babylon. He dispels the modern notion that Christians may adapt to the society while we live here, and instead urges Christians to escape Babylon’s spell. Using illustrations…

  • Time for a Media Ethic

    Are you developing a media ethic? In this very relevant message, Brother Harry Argo challenges Christians to consider how technology and media in themselves are changing them. Are you an effective, cautious user, or a naive, oblivious digital addict?

  • Surviving the Tech Tsunami

    Tsunamis strike with amazing power and speed on an unsuspecting, unprepared coast. Has the wave of new technology in recent years taken the church by surprise? Brother Gary Miller gives some historical perspectives and points out both the potential dangers and the blessings of accepting new technology. He then challenges the church to find higher…

  • Authentic Relationships

    What do authentic relationships between women look like? In this women’s topic, Sister Linda Miller outlined characteristics that are important to have good relationships. We can look to Jesus to see how there will be different levels of relationship.

  • What Is God’s Will for My Life?

    “Your youth is the best time for evangelism!” Brother Harry Argo challenges Christian youth to utilize the passion and energy they possess to seek for and grab a hold of any opportunities to minister to and disciple lost souls.

  • Practical Advice on Utilizing Technology — Panel Discussion

    Brothers Kyle Stoltzfus, Gary Miller, Harry Argo, Chris Blake, and Kevin Shenk discuss their experiences with technology and media and share practical advice for how to safely utilize the blessing that tech and media can be, yet at the same time guard ourselves against its inherent evils. Panel discussion moderated by Brother Curt Wagoner.

  • Babylon, Paris, Zion: Is Your Citizenship Obvious?

    How does the world know that your citizenship is in God’s kingdom and why does it matter? In this engaging message, Brother Finny Kuruvilla shows the marks of citizenship and exposes false kingdoms that threaten the allegiance of God’s kingdom and His people.

  • Tower of Babel or City of God?

    Which kingdom are you a part of? Using the account of our father of faith, Abraham, Brother Ken Miller compares the two kingdoms and asks us to seriously consider to what lengths we will go to be a citizen of the city of God. Further, he points to Jesus’ solution to lust, and provides a…

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2018 also featured a segment organized by Church Planters’ Forum:

  • Discipleship as the Foundation for Church Planting

    Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples. Brother Finny Kuruvilla teaches that a biblical church will make their paramount witness for Christ be that of molding disciples. Finny gives practical ways to develop a discipleship-​based approach in your local brotherhood. This message was given at the Church Growth Seminar 2018, which is a segment organized…