Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 was hosted at Roxbury Holiness Camp on August 20-22, 2021.

Brochure: see 2021 PDF brochure.

Theme: “Life More Abundantly”

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10
2020 KFW theme pic
Taken from “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” by Caleb Crider. Artwork by Alex Brover.
© 2016 Christian Light Publications, Inc. Used by permission.


Did you know?

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  • Mystery of Life

    From the perspective of eternity, our life is only a mist that will soon vanish away – so what is its purpose? When John said, “He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life” he was not talking about physical life or consciousness; he …

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  • From Bones to a Battalion

    (given during the night of prayer at 12:00 AM) In this midnight message Brother Finny Kuruvilla gives a clear warning to the professing Christian community. Observing the text of Ezekiel 37 and the vision of dry bones Finny points out the disconnection, disjointedness, and dry deadness pictured in the valley. Is this a picture of …

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  • Resurrection Life

    How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ “inaugurate” Him as King of kings and why is the resurrection central to our faith? Can the resurrection be documented historically, and if so, how? What was the central message of the Apostles? Listen to this rousing message and be inspired to press forward in overcoming personal struggles …

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  • Family Life

    “Our families are one of the most powerful testimonies we have for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The purpose of our families is to show the love of God in human relationships! Sharing from his own life, and his more than thirty years of counseling first-generation Christian families in Latin America, Brother Mark Yoder shows …

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  • Adorned with the Beauty of Life

    Sister Deborah Bercot shares that we are in the school of God and what we choose to learn now, takes us into eternity. No matter our age, we all have something to grow or improve in. Our response to the beauty of life should be with love, forgiveness, submission and a pure heart. (Admin note: …

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  • A Fruitful Life

    Two months before sharing this message at Kingdom Fellowship Weekend, Brother Mark Yoder was struggling to breathe in the Covid unit of a Costa Rican hospital. God answered many prayers to restore him to health! Brought back from the brink of eternity, Brother Mark gives an impassioned call for men to dedicate their youth for …

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  • Spreading Life in a Culture of Death — Panel Discussion

    Brothers Patrick Matthews, Mark Yoder, Wolfgang Miggiani, and Tim Kuepfer discuss their experiences in restoring life to broken situations. Panel discussion moderated by Brother Joe Kurtz. Helping the Homeless A few losses that cause a downward spiral in some people’s lives are the loss of loved ones or the loss of a job which can …

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  • Structure and Life

    In this sermon, Brother Dale Heisey of Costa Rica delivers a powerful 21st century message on structure and life. Is kingdom building possible without structure? Is life itself possible without structure? Brother Dale preaches a clear message on a foundational principle every believer should hear and every church cannot live without.

  • Beatitudes of Life

    In this sermon, Brother Finny Kuruvilla delivers a powerful message to the church of today. The framework of his sermon is the Beatitudes. The picture he paints is that of Jesus standing with His hand on your head giving you a blessing as a result of you keeping the Beatitudes. If you or your church …

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Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 also featured a segment organized by Church Planters’ Forum:

  • The Vision for Church Planting in Latin America

    In this topic, Brother Dale Heisey casts a vision of the overall need for churches in Latin America and what makes this a harvest field that should be reaped. He discusses regions of Latin America that are currently unreached and describes the kinds of people that are needed to reach these remote people groups. This …

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  • A Biblical View of Missions

    In this topic, Brother Mark Yoder, a pastor and church overseer, shares a topic that is dear to his heart. In this topic he addresses questions such as…  What does a biblical church look like? Who do we look to as our model? How can we build solid churches on scriptural principles? Mark’s involvement in …

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  • Growing Up, Not Knowing Jesus

    Brother Eric Shorey and his family are from Maine. Eric did not grow up in a Christian home or church. Many Christians do not know what this like. Sometimes testimonies focus on how God delivered a person from a life of sin. In this topic Eric does not talk so much about deliverance from a …

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  • Challenges and Rewards for Church Planters in Latino Culture

    In this message, Brother Mark Yoder identifies aspects of Latino culture that contribute to a fuller understanding of how the Gospel should be lived and spread. What do healthy brotherhoods, steadfast commitment to following Jesus, and sharing the Gospel look like in Central and South America? How might North Americans may need to change their …

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  • Politics, Culture, and Kingdom Church Planting

    Have you ever wrestled with the role of politics and culture in advancing God’s kingdom? The Apostle Paul answers these questions with a call to “the ministry of reconciliation” and a profound political analogy! What is the message should Christians be communicating to the world? This message was given at the Church Growth Seminar 2021, which …

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  • The Pilgrim Church: A Disciple-Making Community

    Through stories and illustrations, Brother Ken Miller shares a three-fold burden for anyone who hopes to be involved in evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting. This message was given at the Church Growth Seminar 2021, which is a segment organized by the Church Planters’ Forum.

  • Christian Education in an Urban or Church Planting Venture

    What is the vision for having a Christian school in an urban or church plant setting? What are the challenges and blessings? What influences might children from Christian homes need to face from peers that have a very different home life? Brother Dwight Nisly, a veteran intercity teacher and administrator shares from his years of …

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  • Making Disciples: Evangelizing, Teaching, and Mentoring

    God gifts the church with different gifts. In this message Brother Eric Shorey looks at the church in the book of Acts and gleans teaching from the epistles to show how God gave a variety of gifts to the church. He also shows how those called of God worked together at bringing people into the …

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  • Bridging the Gap to the Unreached

    Brother Daryl Witmer, a missionary from South America, identifies issues that are encountered in trying to reach the unreached. He addresses such things as cultural misunderstandings, recognizing cultural clash and preparing for it, looking at what can be done toward accessing unreached people, and how to send native people back to their villages to teach …

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