Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2024

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2024 is planned to be hosted at Roxbury Holiness Camp on Friday to Sunday, August 23-25, 2024.

Brochure: (coming Spring 2024)

Theme: (coming Spring 2024)

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2024 is being planned. Please check back in Spring 2024 for more details.

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Registration and Lodging

free time lounging

Registration is required even without lodging.

Registration is closed. Check back in the Summer 2024.

Opportunity will be given to contribute financially through freewill offerings towards the rental of the campground, food costs, and a love gift for the speakers.

The campground has multi-family cabins, dorms, hotel rooms, and tent / RV sites. Lodging accommodations are limited; please register well in advance.


Physical media for the audio recordings for both Kingdom Fellowship Weekend and Church Growth Seminar will be made available at the event:

  • CD (audio, not MP3) with individual message: (to be announced)
  • CD set (audio, not MP3) with all messages: (to be announced)
  • USB flash drive (MP3) with all messages: (to be announced)
  • physical media listed above is also available after the event by ordering from Victory Music Services.

To be informed when audio and video recordings are available digitally online (free), please sign up for our email list (bottom of page).

Easy to find

The venue, Roxbury Holiness Camp, is conveniently located at:

13763 Cumberland Highway
Orrstown, PA 17244
Google Map directions