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You are welcome to join our livestream. Anyone can connect for free using video conferencing (Zoom) or audio (any phone). No registration required. The feed is the real-time events in the Tabernacle only. Events in other parts of the campground are not available via livestream.

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Schedule of Events

Not all events are listed here, only events that will be live-streamed. See the full Schedule of Events on the Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2023 page.

All scheduled times are Eastern Time zone.

Friday Morning/Afternoon

Church Growth Seminar events are shown in green below. What is Church Growth Seminar?

  • 11:15 – Singing, announcements, and prayer
  • 11:30 – “How the Gospel Spread in 16th Century Europe” by Andrew V. Ste. Marie, Manchester, Michigan
  • 12:15 – “Spiritual Preparation for Kingdom Work” by Elisha Byler, Guagueyvo, Chihuahua, Mexico
  •  1:15 – “Equipping for Ministry in the Church” by Raymond Glick, Palmer, Massachusetts
  •  2:00 – “Question and Answer period on Equipping for Ministry in the Church” by Andrew Kurtz, Granby, Massachusetts, and others

Friday Evening/Night

  •  6:00 – Welcome, orientation, and worship
  •  6:15“God’s Blueprint for Heaven on Earth” by Kevin Brechbill, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • 10:00 – Night of Prayer, Exhortation, and Song
  • 11:00“Prepare for Battle” by Sam Stoltzfus, Gap, Pennsylvania

Saturday Morning

  •  8:00 – Heart preparation and special singing
  •  8:15 – Worship and singing
  •  8:30“The Church That Overcomes Satan” by Joel Martin, State College, Pennsylvania

Saturday Afternoon

  • 12:00 – Special singing
  • 12:15“Becoming a Pillar in the Church” by Philip Showalter, Windsor, Kentucky
  •  3:00 – Youth topic: “The Practice of Spiritual Disciplines” by Elisha Byler, Guagueyvo, Chihuahua, Mexico

Saturday Evening

  •  6:00 – Singing and Scripture recital
  •  6:30 – Panel discussion: “21st Century Temptations and Distractions Facing the Church”
    Moderator: Nathan Overholt, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
    Panelists: -Kevin Brechbill, Philip Showalter, Trent Eikenberry, and Elisha Byler
  •  9:00 – Youth chorus in the Tabernacle

Sunday Morning

  •  9:45 – Opening worship
  • 10:00“Gelássenheit, Community, and Brotherhood Agreements” by Dale Heisey, Woodbury, Tennessee
  • 10:45 – Offering and singing
  • 11:00“Fulfilling the Mission of the Church” by Trent Eikenberry, Arcanum, Ohio
  • 11:45 – Testimonies and singing

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