God Our Refuge

God, our refuge when in trouble, God, our strength when death is near;
Though the earth should quake and tremble, yet Thy servants need not fear;
Though the waters roar and tempest, mountains fall into the sea:
Oh Father Thou are faithful, there is refuge ‘neath Thy wings.

There’s a peaceful river flowing through this wild tempest’ous land
Where a sinner may find healing and the weary be made glad;
An oasis in the desert full of dry relentless heat;
Oh Father Thou the river, there is refuge at Thy feet.

Come behold the Lord of glory and the works His hands have wrought;
War doth cease when He give utt’rance, sword and spear doth break apart;
He has power o’er the waging of the cruelest enemies:
Oh Father Thou our refuge, thou dost cause the wars to cease.

O, my child, be still and know that I am ever in control;
I’m exalted o’er the heathen, I’m exalted evermore;
O, the Lord of hosts is with us, He’s our God and He’s our stay:
Oh Father Thou our refuge, blessed refuge, come what may.

Words and music copyrighted 2013 by Todd Benner. Used by permission.

We want to give special thanks to the City Light Christian Fellowship congregation for hosting the John Byler family for this presentation.

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