I Would Love Thee

1 I would love Thee, God and Father!
My Redeemer, and my King!
I would love Thee; for without Thee
Life is but a bitter thing.

2 I would love Thee; ev’ry blessing
Flows to me from out Thy throne;
I would love Thee; —he who loves Thee
Never feels himself alone.

3 I would love Thee; look upon me,
Ever guide me with Thine eye:
I would love Thee; if not nourished
By Thy love, my soul would die.

4 I would love Thee; I have vowed it;
On Thy love my heart is set;
While I love Thee, I will never
My Redeemer’s blood forget.

Chorus director: Mark Beachy

Hymns of the Church, # 379

I Would Love Thee
Madame Guyon, 1648-1717

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