Gelássenheit, Community, and Brotherhood Agreements

Self-denial. It sounds like a very negative thing. But is it? What is Gelassenheit? What does it take for brothers to have Brotherhood Agreements? What does it take to live in true Community as Jesus intended? What does it mean to deny self? Why should I deny self? Why is it necessary to submit my life to other members in the church?

These questions get answered in this message, and the importance of denying ourself is explained. If viewed correctly, it is a glorious thing to deny self. Self gets in the way of so many things. Let us strive to deny and crucify self!

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The Way of the Cross

The way of the cross is more than historic drama that occurred on a hill far away. It’s more than a conflict of conscience because of the terribly large discrepancy between Christ’s holy standard and one’s faulty example of it. Something must happen to us on the cross. It must be the position of our faith to die on the cross.

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Structure and Life

In this sermon, Brother Dale Heisey of Costa Rica delivers a powerful 21st century message on structure and life. Is kingdom building possible without structure? Is life itself possible without structure? Brother Dale preaches a clear message on a foundational principle every believer should hear and every church cannot live without.

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The Vision for Church Planting in Latin America

In this topic, Brother Dale Heisey casts a vision of the overall need for churches in Latin America and what makes this a harvest field that should be reaped. He discusses regions of Latin America that are currently unreached and describes the kinds of people that are needed to reach these remote people groups.

This message was given at the Church Growth Seminar 2021, which is a segment organized by the Church Planters’ Forum.

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Encountering Christ in the Fellowship of the Saints

Does the gathering of saints where we assemble reflect Christ? True fellowship is dynamic, but in order to experience this fellowship in our local assemblies, we must not do anything to hinder the life and unity we have in Christ. Fellowship ministers to the physical, spiritual, and emotional burdens of the saints.

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Knowing Christ

Is your local church a testimony to God’s presence? Brother Dale Heisey explains how church is not just a social fellowship; it is a corporate experience of believers that people are watching, and the way we carry out the teachings of Christ and relate together as a local assembly can and should be a powerful and effective witness to the world around us.

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