Church of God, Awake! Arise!

Starting with the imperative of genuine love, Brother Donald Brechbill speaks of the church’s interaction with society in three different ways:

  1. as a presence in society,
  2. as a voice in society, and
  3. as a person in society.

Using personal examples, historical illustrations, and Jesus’ interaction with humanity, he asks us to consider how our efforts of reaching the world are accomplishing the Great Commission of Jesus. And how committed are we to alleviate the suffering brought into the world through sin?

The presentation ends with an interactive question-and-answer session from the audience.

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Lifting a Standard Against the Plague of Immorality – Panel Discussion

Panel discusses some of the prevalent issues of immorality that plague our world today and too often need to be repented of within the four walls of the church as well. Not an easy subject to tackle but a very necessary one in these times.

Panelists include Donald Brechbill, Matthew Milioni, Roger Hertzler, and Tim Power.

Panel discussion moderated by Ken Miller.

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