Beatitudes of Life

In this sermon, Brother Finny Kuruvilla delivers a powerful message to the church of today. The framework of his sermon is the Beatitudes. The picture he paints is that of Jesus standing with His hand on your head giving you a blessing as a result of you keeping the Beatitudes. If you or your church is struggling to receive the blessing and glory of God take time to listen to this blowing of the trumpet in Zion.

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From Bones to a Battalion

(given during the night of prayer at 12:00 AM)

In this midnight message Brother Finny Kuruvilla gives a clear warning to the professing Christian community. Observing the text of Ezekiel 37 and the vision of dry bones Finny points out the disconnection, disjointedness, and dry deadness pictured in the valley. Is this a picture of my life or the life of my community? Listen to this message to find a way out of deadness.

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Racism and Civil Unrest: The Christian’s Response?

In a time of national reckoning when racism dominates the media, this message presents a unique perspective that God’s people are challenged to embrace. How should followers of Jesus respond to the polemic positions of individualism versus structuralism? How can Antioch be a lesson for the church today? Is peacemaking an escape from conflict, or an engagement among a hostile society?

Learn how to effectively dialogue with those of diverse backgrounds, and ultimately reconcile a distressed world to the Prince of Peace. In this presentation, Finny Kuruvilla presents kingdom solutions to the evils of racism.

The presentation ends with an interactive question-and-answer session from the audience.

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Babylon, Paris, Zion: Is Your Citizenship Obvious?

How does the world know that your citizenship is in God’s kingdom and why does it matter? In this engaging message, Brother Finny Kuruvilla shows the marks of citizenship and exposes false kingdoms that threaten the allegiance of God’s kingdom and His people.

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Discipleship as the Foundation for Church Planting

Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples. Brother Finny Kuruvilla teaches that a biblical church will make their paramount witness for Christ be that of molding disciples. Finny gives practical ways to develop a discipleship-​based approach in your local brotherhood.

This message was given at the Church Growth Seminar 2018, which is a segment organized by the Church Planters’ Forum.

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Sattler College Ministry Presentation

The modern higher education system is broken. Modern education is hostile to faith, too expensive, and academically weak. We need nothing short of a revolution. In this presentation, Brother Finny Kuruvilla discusses how Sattler College was founded upon the biblical vision of Christian discipleship that addresses the mind, soul, and heart. The mission of Sattler College is to provide an education that instructs the mind, discipleship that shapes the soul, and inspiration that inflames the heart. The goal is to enable graduates to heartily say, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

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Expansion of the Church

Four applications from Scripture illustrated by stories from Adoniram Judson’s life. Matthew 13:33

Some of the points: expansion of the church:

  • Depends on the power of friendship
  • Is not flashy but steady and unstoppable
  • Demands our lives
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The Biblical Answer to Modern Ecumenicalism – Panel Discussion

What is God’s will for unity in his Church? How is it attained? How does Biblical unity contrast with the modern ecumenical movement?

The definition of ecumenicalism being discussed is:

pertaining to a movement, especially among Protestant groups since the 1800s, aimed at achieving universal Christian unity and church union through international, interdenominational organizations that will cooperate on matters of mutual concern.

Panelists include Curt Wagoner, David Bercot, Finny Kuruvilla, and John Byers. Panel discussion moderated by Ron Lamicela.

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