Practical Advice on Utilizing Technology — Panel Discussion

Brothers Kyle Stoltzfus, Gary Miller, Harry Argo, Chris Blake, and Kevin Shenk discuss their experiences with technology and media and share practical advice for how to safely utilize the blessing that tech and media can be, yet at the same time guard ourselves against its inherent evils.

Panel discussion moderated by Brother Curt Wagoner.

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What Is God’s Will for My Life?

“Your youth is the best time for evangelism!” Brother Harry Argo challenges Christian youth to utilize the passion and energy they possess to seek for and grab a hold of any opportunities to minister to and disciple lost souls.

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Time for a Media Ethic

Are you developing a media ethic? In this very relevant message, Brother Harry Argo challenges Christians to consider how technology and media in themselves are changing them. Are you an effective, cautious user, or a naive, oblivious digital addict?

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