Spreading Life in a Culture of Death — Panel Discussion

Brothers Patrick Matthews, Mark Yoder, Wolfgang Miggiani, and Tim Kuepfer discuss their experiences in restoring life to broken situations. Panel discussion moderated by Brother Joe Kurtz.

Helping the Homeless

A few losses that cause a downward spiral in some people’s lives are the loss of loved ones or the loss of a job which can cause the loss of their housing. Some of these stabilizing factors in a person’s life are flimsy at best, and the tipping point is always just around the next corner. Instability seeks stability, but stability avoids those who are in instability. So how do we find a way to bridge the gap for those who have struggled from some overwhelming circumstances and fall out from a lifestyle that began by their own separation from God? Come help me find a new way of loving as Jesus did.

Patrick Matthews

Loving the Fatherless

We all need a father figure in our lives. What does a father provide? So many don’t have a father. How can we lead others to find our real Father that supplies all our needs?

Mark Yoder

Exposing Unethical Vaccines

A number of modern vaccines used aborted fetal tissue in their development and production decades ago. How far should we as Christians accept the faint ripples of those remote abortions that occurred in the distant past for the sake of the public good and safety today? Find out how we can still follow the principles of Romans 12:9 by showing our sincere love and concern for others, abhorring that which is evil, and clinging to that which is good.

Wolfgang Miggiani

Fighting Addictions

All addictions are sin; some are particularly destructive to our bodies, but ALL can be overcome by God’s grace. Pornography and other sexual sins have a giant and deadly foothold in our Churches; they are a noose that is strangling our spiritual life. Thus, we must take decisive action steps to provide a space for healing.

Tim Kuepfer

Resource: Tools for Developing Sexual Integrity by Tim Kuepfer

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