A Church Prepared for Persecution

Thomas’ words to his fellow-disciples, “Let us go with Him that we may die also,” once spoken in fatalistic tones, took on a new and exciting perspective for the apostles after Jesus’ resurrection.

In this presentation, Ken Miller shares a graphic, historical profile of the crucifixions of Stephen, James son of Zebedee, Philip, James “the Lesser,” Barnabas, Mark, Peter, Paul, Andrew, Bartholemew, Thomas, Matthew, Simon the zealot, Matthias, and Luke.

“We conquer in dying; we go forth victorious at the very time we are subdued. […] Kill us, torture us, condemn us, grind us to dust; your injustice is the proof that we are innocent. […] Nor does your cruelty, however exquisite, avail you; it is rather a temptation to us. The oftener we are mown down by you, the more in number we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.”

Tertullian, 155-220

This topic illustrates persecution with an expectancy of heavenly reward, spiritual growth, victory over sin, and maturity.

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Discernment and Preparation: What Hill Should We Die On? – Panel Discussion

Brothers Ken Miller, Barry Grant, Zack Johnson, and John D. Martin discuss what issues must be pursued with wholehearted conviction, with no regard to the cost. Panel discussion moderated by Brother Paul Shirk.

How do we prepare to suffer for the cause of Christ?

Peter tells us, “Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind…” This would indicate that we are to have the right mindset regarding suffering for our faith. How do we prepare our minds to suffer for Christ as God would choose for each one of our lives?

In this panel discussion, we consider:

  • What do the Scriptures say about discerning and preparing for persecution?
  • What can we learn from non-biblical individuals who applied Scriptural principles in their time and circumstances?
  • What are the current and imminent issues before us where we should be preparing to engage as overcomers?

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Resurrection Life

How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ “inaugurate” Him as King of kings and why is the resurrection central to our faith? Can the resurrection be documented historically, and if so, how? What was the central message of the Apostles?

Listen to this rousing message and be inspired to press forward in overcoming personal struggles and advancing the Kingdom with the battle cry that echoes down through the ages “Jesus is risen!”.

“Through Jesus’ resurrection the curse has been reversed and now Life is the dominant force!”

Ken Miller

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The Pilgrim Church: A Disciple-Making Community

Through stories and illustrations, Brother Ken Miller shares a three-fold burden for anyone who hopes to be involved in evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting.

  1. The need for true discipleship to be taught.
  2. The importance of learning from history.
  3. The value of hearing from experienced church planters among us.

This message was given at the Church Growth Seminar 2021, which is a segment organized by the Church Planters’ Forum.

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Tower of Babel or City of God?

Which kingdom are you a part of? Using the account of our father of faith, Abraham, Brother Ken Miller compares the two kingdoms and asks us to seriously consider to what lengths we will go to be a citizen of the city of God. Further, he points to Jesus’ solution to lust, and provides a call to overcome the technological structures of our time.

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Christians in Babylon

Is the church captive in Babylon? In this timely message, Brother Ken Miller begins with Revelation 18 to remind the Church of the call to come out of Babylon. He dispels the modern notion that Christians may adapt to the society while we live here, and instead urges Christians to escape Babylon’s spell. Using illustrations and personal examples, this sermon presents an urgent call for followers of Jesus to “Come out of her, my people, and be not partaker of her sins.”

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Lifting a Standard Against the Plague of Immorality – Panel Discussion

Panel discusses some of the prevalent issues of immorality that plague our world today and too often need to be repented of within the four walls of the church as well. Not an easy subject to tackle but a very necessary one in these times.

Panelists include Donald Brechbill, Matthew Milioni, Roger Hertzler, and Tim Power.

Panel discussion moderated by Ken Miller.

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