The Way of the Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what the kingdom of God is? It was the greatest theme of Jesus’ preaching, but today is often misunderstood by Christians. This is tragic, because a genuine expression of God’s kingdom on earth is the primary way a broken world will come to know Him.

In this message, Brother John D. Martin explains these vital elements of the way:

  1. A Kingdom Mentality
  2. A Kingdom Theology
  3. A Kingdom Society

The way of the kingdom is the treasure of all true Christians, but history is littered with individuals and churches who were seduced away from God’s ideal. The way is simple, but not easy. Not automatic.

Would you like to know the secrets to experiencing what God intends for His kingdom? Both now and in the future? Drawing from over forty years of passionately pursuing God’s kingdom, John gives us seasoned guidance on how to thrive and endure in the only way that can truly bring joy to the world.

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